This Guy Just Took Halloween To A Whole New Level With This Iron Man Gauntlet.

Halloween used to be so simple. You could cut a couple of eye holes into a white sheet and PRESTO, you were a ghost! Getting free candy on Halloween used to be simple.

These days, people spend more time creating the most elaborate and functional costumes ever made. What we found goes way beyond anything you’ve seen for Halloween. After this man’s recreation of a powerful (and usable) superhero weapon in his backyard, we’re pretty sure any other costumes don’t stand a chance this Halloween. (The military might want to take notice of it, too. Maybe Ironman can be a real thing.)

To see how he made it, check out the entire video below. It’s Marvel-ous!

(via io9)

Study this video carefully. If you want to make your own Ironman costume, you should probably ensure you don’t end up setting your arm (or house) on fire.

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