Even Mundane Activities Are Insanely Awesome (And Really Difficult) In Space

Everyone has wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut at one point or another. Flying around in outer space has to be a ton of fun, right? And how cool would it be to live without gravity for a little while?

Well, trying to carry out everyday activities is actually extremely difficult without the help of gravity’s reliable pull. Here are a few things that you do every day that would be insanely hard to do if you were up in space.

Brushing your teeth

Making a burrito

Cleaning up spills

Playing music

Working out

Clipping your nails

Getting sick

Playing soccer

Cooking a Thanksgiving meal


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Doing laundry

Washing your hair

Unwinding with your favorite hobbies

Going to the bathroom


And of course, eating chips

(via Mental Floss)

I’m beginning to question my dreams of becoming an astronaut. It seems like a huge hassle to get anything done up there. I salute you, space explorers. You are braver and more patient than I am.

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